Modern Living and Antique Furniture: Can these Co-exist Happily?


Do you admire antique furniture but harbour doubts about whether it can meet the needs of a modern lifestyle? We explore how antique furniture can fit in with 21st century living.

Daily life has changed immeasurably since the age of the great furniture designers. We may work or spend our free time on a laptop instead of with paper and ink in a study, and we may entertain in open plan kitchen-diners instead of in formal dining rooms. But does that mean that the designs of the 18th and 19th century cannot serve us as well as they served their owners then? Of course not!

Antique desks

A laptop can sit as happily upon a Chippendale period mahogany desk as a modern desk (whether made in a factory overseas or by you with a screwdriver).

Many 18th century desks include drawers large enough to accommodate A4 documents, folders and organisers, also leather-lined tops are very comfortable for both writing and typing.

Furthermore, as well as being certain that it should not break (if a desk has survived 250 years and is still in good condition you know it has been well made), you can enjoy visualising a member of the Georgian gentry writing upon it.

Antiques dining tables

If you enjoy sharing meals with family and friends or hosting dinner parties, a late Georgian or Regency dining table and complimentary set of dining chairs will create an elegant and comfortable setting.

Dinner was a very important occasion for the upper classes, hence the design of large extendable tables. For those of us who take great pleasure in entertaining large groups and serving full course dinners today, there are often few modern dining sets that can comfortably seat more than six, making a George III or Regency dining table, some of which can be extended for up to 14 people, a practical and elegant choice.

In addition, you can take great pleasure in imagining the elaborate dinners that may have been served upon your table.

Other pieces

Antique side/card tables, occasional tables, chests of drawers, cabinets and other items may all be just as useful and delightful for us today as they were for their original owners.

As well as maintaining a real connection to the past, they are often the most reliable choice too when looking for items that will last!


A fine Regency period rosewood and gilt brass mounted writing desk in the manner of Louis Le Gaigneur. The top with a cast brass edge moulding with foliate pattern. Having two cedar lined drawers divided by panels mounted with cast brass masks to the front and mock drawers to the reverse side. Standing on square tapered legs with anthemion capitals and brass castors to the toes. Read more…