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  We recently acquired on behalf of Kenwood House, Hampstead, London this fine 18th century satinwood partners writing desk in the manner of Ince and Mayhew in time for the re-opening of the house in November 2013 after a lengthy…Read More»


  English furniture is often known by names or titles associated with people who may have had these pieces designed for them or were known using them,  for instance : the ”Gainsborough” chair, the “Hogarth” chair and the “Pembroke” table…Read More»


The antithesis to the ever-changing fashions of the modern day, 18th century furniture continues to hold a timeless allure. While furniture designed and produced ten years ago may already look tired and dated, furniture made by the meticulous craftsman of…Read More»


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With its strength, grace and natural capacity for carving, the finest antique mahogany furniture is as impressive today as it was over 250 years ago. When the heavy import duties on woods were lifted in the early 18th century, English…Read More»


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Antique mahogany furniture is popular among today’s collectors mainly for its strength, ornate carvings and highly polished reddish-brown lustre. Some antique mahogany furniture dates back to the early 1500s when it was manufactured and used extensively in Spain. Mahogany was…Read More»


From William and Mary through to the late Georgian period, 18th century English furniture continues to appeal —so why is furniture from this period valued so highly? William and Mary furniture The William and Mary period, which extended into the…Read More»


Collecting antiques is an enjoyable and sometimes profitable hobby. If you like the styles of a past age, you can decorate and furnish your home from almost any period from 1700 onwards. There are hundreds of places selling reproduction furniture,…Read More»