The Timeless Allure of 18th Century English Furniture – Living with History


The antithesis to the ever-changing fashions of the modern day, 18th century furniture continues to hold a timeless allure.

While furniture designed and produced ten years ago may already look tired and dated, furniture made by the meticulous craftsman of the 18th century continues to retain its enduring appeal.

Not just for Georgian homes

For over 50 years, we at Peter Lipitch have seen buyers with many different personal styles and decors choose timeless 18th century antiques for their homes.

Today’s eclectic aesthetic means that an 18th century bookcase can take pride of place in a room tastefully furnished with contemporary and 20th century items as well as in homes furnished with authentic Georgian pieces throughout.

Few items impart more timeless elegance than a late 18th century side table, whether you are fortunate enough to own a Georgian dining table in your dining room and a pair of Gainsborough armchairs in your sitting room – or a modern dining set and suite.

Of course, once you own your first 18th century item, the warmth and charm it adds to your home is likely to spark the beginning of a long – and very happy – love affair with furniture from the period.

So what is it about Queen Anne and Georgian furniture in particular that strikes such a cord?

A different time

In today’s postmodern society, many of us recognise the importance of maintaining connections with the past.

In a world that is increasingly brash and fast-paced, 18th century furniture can help ensure our homes preserve the elegance and delicate craftsmanship of previous ages.

Resting a while in a carved George III armchair allows us to slow down for a moment and appreciate the artistry of the curves and moulding on the arms, so different from the quickly produced factory-made products of today.

Meanwhile, pausing to check our reflection in a Chippendale gilded mirror can help us to take stock and remember that once upon a time life did not revolve around text messages, emails and the Internet!

Modern trends

People are also discovering that Georgian furniture fits in effortlessly with stylish modern decors. Georgian furniture is a great match for stripped back floorboards and heritage paint colours, such as sage green, blue grey, Wedgewood blue and dusky pink, which are enjoying popularity once again.

We have no doubt that 18th century furniture will continue to be cherished by future generations too.


A pair of regency rosewood and upholstered library armchairs standing on turned legs with original gilt brass castors.